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Tips and Tricks for Your Ecommerce Photos

Tips and Tricks for Your Ecommerce Photos

It’s often said: A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you know that photography increases conversions because 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual?


We give today some tips and tricks to the new-ones in the photography world or even if you are not new, these tips can help you to improve your photos.


In the digital world photos are a key part of a consumer’s decision-making process so today you´ll start making polished, professional images that evoke maximum engagement.


Right camera and right product


What’s the best camera?

The ideal is to count with a professional camera to capture the highest definition of the product, nowadays smartphone´s camera technology can take even better pictures than using a professional camera. As long as you get the right lighting and background, your device can do a good job too.

For more details about the right light we’ll discuss it on the next bullet.


Mastering L´art de Product Photography

First things first: Know the 2 types of product photography:


  • Product-only images


For these images make sure you have white background, a variety of images showcasing your product from different angles and show your product on its best light from all relevant angles.


Remember that the “product-only” images are meant to nurture page visitors towards making a purchase.



  • Lifestyle or in-context photos




Show your product being used in its intended environment or alongside complementing products.

We recommend the use of these images in your social media, blog posts, emails, and other marketing channels at the top of your conversion funnel to help boost the emotional engagement.


Make your photography studio on a budget


There are lots of ways you can improvise a background, like making your own shooting table just place a chair beside a window and add a roll of craft paper.


Source: bigcommerce


But maybe your product is bigger than a chair so you can do the same thing but on a bigger scale, yes it might cost a little bit extra but it’s worth it.

You can improvise it by getting rolls of craft paper, taping them to the wall, and letting gravity do all the work.


Source: bigcommerce



Highlights, highlights and more highlights



Getting the perfect highlight to your photo it´s the defining factor of a quality image and simplifies the editing process.

For our chair mounted sweep we are looking at natural light but if you have the budget you can use the studio light.

Keep in mind that you have to focus on the whole product lighting, not a single angle.

Avoid the harsh shadows so never shoot under direct sunlight or if you´re using a studio light remember to have at least two softbox light setups.

Place your key light in front of the product, while your fill or backlight is on the opposite side, back or above.


Editing makes the difference


Even if you have the best camera and you made the greatest job with highlights, you need to edit your photo.

Why? Because it’s the way to get a polished professional result.

Photo editing is a way to erase those home-made studios and highlights tiny mistakes, also helps to color correction, mannequin removal, and shadow addition for a more natural look.

These are one of the Free Image Editing Tools we recommend:

  • Pixlr – Free and has a lot of the functionality of Photoshop.
  • Canva – User-friendly free online editor best suited for marketing materials.
  • Fotor – Free, easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Snapseed – Powerful, fully-featured mobile app that is also free.



Spending time to get the perfect image for your Ecommerce is 100% worth it, because it increases engagement with your target audience increasing the possibility of the purchase.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in a studio just pay attention to the product and every single angle of it, the highlight and editing process.

The final tip is go one step further and not only create a photo but a style in-context. And add: color palette, saturation, focal length, shadows, composition,consistency, location and context.


Dominic Ramírez
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